Defend Your Name is A&G Labs project for to increase email subscription for their site while providing fun activities rather than subscription forms for users. On the upfront, Defend Your Name would function with a keyboard and mouse to collect players’ email address and location as a prerequisite to gameplay. After the information was entered, users would swap out the keyboard and mouse for their ray gun (what may or may not be a well-decorated Nintendo Wii controller) and prepare to, well, defend their name. Once gameplay began, the player’s full name would appear on screen and quickly come under attack from alien forces. Players emerged victorious if they were able to zap all of the otherworldly invaders before all of the letters that made up their name were stolen.


I was responsible for developing the game application, which takes input data from Nintendo Wii controller, and export all subscription data as cvs file, by converting illustration design files to the game.

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